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About Us

We listen. We hear. We see. We move.

The Pinpoint Group prioritizes the needs of each individual client. Serving both large and small businesses, we are a culture of thinkers and makers who have been bringing our clients’ ideas into existence since 2006. Our business works closely with each brand in order to create solid sales and marketing strategies that will produce measurable results.

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Modern Office


Newsflash: HOPE is not a

marketing strategy.

Yet "hope" is still at the core of many marketing decisions that are made. In today's digital world, there are tools and methods to track the activity and outcomes of virtually all marketing investments.   


We get it.

It's commonplace in today's technologically-advanced world to have multiple providers and applications that each may do a great job. Often managing multiple and disparate platforms is a source of frustration for may businesses. PPG has the knowledge and resources to help across multiple systems.


"The biggest communication problem

is that we do not listen to understand.

We listen to reply."  Stephen R. Covey

In today's business, many smart companies have come to realize that their most cherished investment is their staff. These companies also realize that proper communication - specifically listening - is as important internally as it is externally. PPG helps its partners get, and keep, everyone on the same page.


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